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Nothing Personal

Why do bad things happen to good people is a question that generates a variety of concepts each constructing a solution to the fairness of life dilemma and how judgments of good and bad are to be made. When circumstances are examined closely there seems to be no direct evidence that there is a method of fairness existing here.  It certainly isn’t very comforting to maintain that stuff just happens, that there is no system of justice operating and we are all just here until we’re not.

Strange as it seems, this question arises for me when I look at a windshield splattered with remnants of what used to be a bug.  The bug was just flying along enjoying the day, not a care in the world and then in the blink of an eye it’s just bug juice on a windshield.  We think nothing of it, it just happened and that’s a bug’s life…. no plan, no justice, just happening, nothing personal about the bug’s life.

Of course, it appears that a human life is much more personal than a bug’s life because we’re so entwined with complex characteristics, memories and relationships.   I like the idea that my life is personal and important with purpose and would like to hold on to that idea.  However, nothing really makes sense to me except that the bug’s life is no less or no more important to the Absolute than my life….it’s really nothing personal….


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Who Caused the Effect?

A big stumbling block comes up when looking deeply into the notion of the “law” of cause and effect, for every action there is a reaction, manifest your own reality, do unto others, etc….all of those spiritual and religious beliefs.

Even briefly thinking about giving up these concepts creates a scared feeling, like having my safety net pulled out from under me.   These concepts have been the rules of the road for me for years and seem very logical and make life seem more fair.

If cause and effect is the law of the universe, there must be a lot of exceptions to the rule and maybe this is where the questions and seeking come into play.

I’m on the edge of this realization and don’t know if I want to take the plunge or not…….nonduality, you’re killing “me” here.


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