I recently retired and looked forward to spending more time meditating, doing some yoga, reading spiritual literature and basically spending more time with truth seeking activities.

Not long after I retired, my path started to change and I am realizing that in order to progress I may need to retire from seeking too!

The last 30 years have been spent meditating, doing yoga, chanting, studying many different religions and philosophies and now nonduality.   I enjoy reading and blogging with others who are exploring  nonduality because there is no one in my life at the moment on the same path.  So nice to know there are lots of others out there hearing the same music.

3 responses to “About

  1. Yes indeed… I believe we are all finding ourselves living with communities of sleepy people…. here on word press we are many and for the time being we can support each other, listen to each other and love each other… IAM Barbara

  2. Yeah, lately I also have noticed a change, an evolution of new awareness, lot of people are awakening, maybe we’re lucky for live in such epoch.

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