Flash Moments

It’s been two months since I have posted anything here.   I have had several insights that I considered sharing during that time but didn’t take the time to sit down and write.  These ideas or insights come like flashes out of nowhere and if I sit down immediately and write…a blog is created.  However, most of the time when the flash comes I am involved doing other things and rather than stop what I’m doing I’ll make a mental note that I will write about this very good insight later.  I’ve given up trying to figure out where glimpses of insight come from but I know they come as “flashes” while in the present moment.

The problem is that these flashes happen while you’re in the present moment and if they are not written down right away the insight vanishes into the land of past memories.  The space where past memories dwell is not suitable ground for a flash insight because it can get absorbed in concepts and filters that were not there during the initial flash.



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9 responses to “Flash Moments

  1. The exact same thing happens to me.

  2. I have the same ‘problem’ — fleeting insights, internalized and forgotten — then i remember I had a great one-liner, but too late, it’s gone. 🙂

  3. Still the insight conditions the future, albeit in subtle ways perhaps; do you not find this is so?

    • Yes I agree. Once realized an insight cannot be unrealized. The challenge for me is communicating it as time goes by.

      • Perhaps it is something in the nature of intuitive, ontological insights that they are not given to representation in words? Of course, one can make statements such as “subjectivity and objectivity are constructs of the mind”, yet no meaning is transmitted in so doing. It seems to me that as soon as we attempt to reconstruct the insight with word symbols then the whole is diminished, and can only ever be a pointer at best. These pointers may be useful though, and your attempt to create them is commendable.

      • Yes… A great explanation of pointers !

  4. blogging inspirations
    are a mystery
    to me 🙂

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