Who Caused the Effect?

A big stumbling block comes up when looking deeply into the notion of the “law” of cause and effect, for every action there is a reaction, manifest your own reality, do unto others, etc….all of those spiritual and religious beliefs.

Even briefly thinking about giving up these concepts creates a scared feeling, like having my safety net pulled out from under me.   These concepts have been the rules of the road for me for years and seem very logical and make life seem more fair.

If cause and effect is the law of the universe, there must be a lot of exceptions to the rule and maybe this is where the questions and seeking come into play.

I’m on the edge of this realization and don’t know if I want to take the plunge or not…….nonduality, you’re killing “me” here.


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4 responses to “Who Caused the Effect?

  1. Awake in 365 Days

    I puzzle over the same things. I have always looked for a rule book, including for my feelings, checking to see if things are “normal” – it is comforting to know what you are supposed to do, yet at the same time it feels liberating to treat life as a playroom where you get to experiment and discover what is right or wrong for you as an individual. I like nonduality because of the lack of judgement, but I also feel that fear of the open/no concept road too. Someone told me once that the difference between me and him was that he didn’t hold to any concepts, I like the idea of still having concepts but not holding to them, so that they can be more fluid, to come and go. Namaste.

    • Thanks for your comment. I like the “treating life like a playroom” concept and having more fun. That makes the “open” road less threatening.

      • Awake in 365 Days

        The Playroom idea helps me too, I feel like I’ve been much too serious lately and humor keeps arising, so fun and humor s seems to be a nice alternative 🙂

  2. caimbeul

    Beautifully succinct, you sure hit the mark my friend. I love it’s relevancy and the playroom concept is an excellent approach that took me years to finally allow myself to implement- thanks.

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