Walked the Path

I walked a large outside labyrinth this weekend.  I had never walked an outside labyrinth nor one this large. I was the only one walking so I walked a moderate pace and it took 45 minutes.  It was in an open field with a narrow uneven mowed down path in grass and wildflowers that were knee-high.  At the beginning I was thinking of the history of the labyrinth dating back to 4500 BC showing up in every culture around the world and the mystery of it all.

Then I started thinking about the correct “procedure” of walking the labyrinth, was I walking too fast, too slow, this is walking meditation, I need to stop thinking so much, how much longer until I reach the center? All the same things that happen during regular meditation.  After about ten minutes this mental activity slowed down and I began to notice how many crickets there were on the path, and butterflies and all the different kinds of flowers.

Then I became interested in my destination and started looking ahead trying to see the center but I couldn’t tell where it was because of the tall grass.  I could only see about four feet in front of me…I couldn’t look ahead.. all I could do was follow the path because I knew it would lead to the center eventually. When I got to the center I thought maybe there would be something there to  symbolize the end of the journey, even just a candle or something….there was nothing.  I stood there for a moment but didn’t have the desire to stay for any long length of time contemplating so I headed out on the same path out of the center.

I noticed that the walk out of the center was a little faster pace and easier for some reason.  I hadn’t noticed earlier that the walk into the center seemed harder and longer but now noticed that walking in the uneven terrain was much easier.  I stopped and looked back at the center a couple of times but again I couldn’t see it when I looked back.  Then all of a sudden the path opened up and I was done.   That was definitely meditation in motion…..


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14 responses to “Walked the Path

  1. Such profound depth between this line :” all I could do was follow the path because I knew it would lead to the center eventually.”

    Lovely. Thank you very much.

  2. Nicki

    You made this so easy to be there on the path with you. The way you expressed your experience, the words you chose…..made the symbology of the labyrinth corresponding with the journey of living very comprehendable. Thank you my friend.

  3. Awake

    Wonderful post. I did an outdoor Labyrinth this summer and my inner experience was similar to yours. I find it a very interesting observation that when you got to the center that you noticed there was nothing special there to symbolize the end of the journey, just nothing, not even a marker, a candle, or anything.
    I too found the path back and out of the labyrinth was easier and faster. Maybe its because of no longer having to wonder – are we there yet, or how much longer til I get there? Anyway, I really enjoyed hearing of your experience.

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  5. Thank you for this post – it brought me Grace. I linked to it in my post at http://www.kellykuhn.com/2013/10/a-lesson-in-trust/.

  6. Oh, I love this. I have never had this experience, but would love the opportunity to walk the path. Thank you for the simplicity and openness of your accounting!

  7. To Know Beauty

    Hello, old friend 🙂

    Such a lovely piece. I experienced the most profound peace once while walking the labyrinth – for the first time it occurred to me that I really don’t have to follow my thoughts, no matter how important they appeared to be. Labyrinths really are magic places.

    How have you been? Stopped by the gate yet? 🙂

    • Hey, been thinking about you. I’ve been lurking at the gate but have been traveling so put it off again thinking I needed more time to give my full attention…another excuse I suppose. Are you still on Lib Unleashed? I haven’t blogged for a few weeks but will get back to it soon. Namaste’ and Love – Carlyn

      • To Know Beauty

        Well, it is the funniest thing… I always had this very strange relationship with the idea of awakening. I was always “working” toward achieving it, and at the same time I was quite terrified of it. Then one day something shifted and I felt that I was ready. At least on the surface I felt that I wanted it. So it felt natural to try LU. Turns out that LU is not the magic wand. 🙂 I was on it for two weeks and I felt like I was really going in circles. I asked Ilona if she felt I was not ready for it, but she assured me that every step we take, every question I answer gets me closer. Anyway, unfortunately I had to quit, because I was moving across the country with a small child and felt incredibly overwhelmed. I needed to take a break because the process was quite time consuming. I am considering going back though. 🙂

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