The Call…

There is a birdhouse on my patio that contained four baby sparrows. Three left the nest and I missed their exit. Now there is one all alone in the house and I’m determined to witness it leaving the nest.

The only way the loner knows there is something more outside is when it hears “The Call”.  This Call is different from any other bird call in the yard and I can recognize it even if I’m away from the patio.  The Call from the mother is relentless.   She gives the Call and then goes to the opening to feed it and repeats this routine most of the day so that the Call will be associated with something wonderful coming from the outside.  When the mother leaves for a while you can hear a faint calling coming from inside the box because now it’s known there is something wonderful outside of the box but the sparrow is not yet brave enough to venture out and find it.

This Call and response routine went on for two days.  At one time there was a community of at least ten sparrows flying up to the birdhouse trying to coax it outside. I’m ready to give up myself but have invested so much time now I don’t want to miss the finale.

Today I saw it venture out of  the box.  The young sparrow poked its head out of the hole and then back in again several times.  There were no other sparrows on the patio for guidance …the exit team had taken a break and everything was quiet. It looked out one more time but this time without any hesitation took a final leap, flew across the patio and into a nearby tree.  I saw at least twenty sparrows fly out of the tree a few seconds later and together they all flew to the next tree.  I couldn’t see the young sparrow in the distance but assume it is now flying in its new world outside the box.

Would the bird have taken the leap of faith without ever hearing the Call? Probably survival instincts would have eventually forced it out into the world but certainly it must be easier if the Call is heard and more importantly….if it is answered.


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10 responses to “The Call…

  1. Beautiful post! Truly magnificent. The natural world teaches us so much – it’s wonderful that you saw the little fellow on its way 🙂 Peace . . .

  2. Really lovely post and comparison to the birds. I totally agree with Risinghawk that nature has much to show us.

  3. Awake

    Beautiful comparison. I love the call of the mother letting the baby bird know that there is something wonderful outside. And its so cool that there was a community of sparrows also trying to coax it along but then it flew out when it was ready and no one else was around. Very beautiful metaphor. 🙂 I really love this.

    • Thanks. I also expected the sparrow to wait for the crowd to help it go outside and was surprised that it went alone when ready. It needed the help to see there was actually an outside but no help was needed to make the big leap. I’m still thinking about that whole drama. Thanks for sharing.

      • Awake

        Wow, so true about no outside help needed for that big leap, the urge and energy came from within. Love this twist of drama. These sparrows should have their own Reality TV show. 🙂

  4. i got chills from the story 🙂

    • Thanks Marga, your comment means a lot to me since I am inspired by your posts always. Funny, I’ve been thinking about writing about the mystery of “chills” when touched by music, inspiration, or other positive emotions and some just don’t experience it at all. 🙂 Namaste’ Carolyn

      • Chills have increased exponentially for me – and seem to me a clear signal from spirit! I will look forward to hearing your “thoughts” or ideas about this 🙂

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