Seeking Everywhere but Here

This morning I read an article posted by Science and Nonduality, “Stop Trying to Solve Problems” by David Rock who has been researching what happens during the “moment ” of insight.  Neuroscientists have found that complex problems are usually solved during the brain’s “downtime” not during vigorous activity.  My own experience confirms that when I stop thinking about a problem for even a few minutes, consciousness continues to sort out data without my interference and suddenly the solution comes to light.

A constant thread in nonduality literature is that the mind is not the tool for perceiving the Absolute reality.

I agree that searching for Truth with the mind can be fun, interesting and exciting because of never ending concepts to explore.  But maybe the Absolute reality is not to be explored anywhere but is always here waiting for the mind’s “downtime” in order to be discovered.  If the answer is always here…where am I?


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3 responses to “Seeking Everywhere but Here

  1. I once read an interesting book on how problems are solved intuitively. It’s called ‘The Mathematician’s Mind’ by Jacques Hadamard. It sounds rather dull but in fact is fascinating – at least, I found it so. Best regards, Hariod Brawn.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out! Best to you….

      • If you can find a second-hand copy for a good price then there’s lots of excellent accounts to be read from very eminent figures who’ve made intuitive, world-changing discoveries.

        My interest in the subject surrounded the means by which ontological intuitions surface in the seeker’s mind.

        Hadamard lays great stress on the idea of the incubation of thought – letting ideas settle and fall out of conscious knowing. The intuitive answer is then provided ‘out of the blue’.

        Regards, Hariod.

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