Nobody’s Mother

I always think of the women who are not mothers on Mother’s Day.  I was not a mother until I was 41 years old so I spent many a Mother’s Day helping others celebrate their motherhood.

Not having children didn’t bother me in my 20s, no need to hurry although some of my friends were beginning to join the motherhood group.  In my late 30s I began to realize that I may go through my life without children. I was once told that having children was a blessing and not having children was to live by grace.  I didn’t understand that at the time and thought it was an attempt to make me feel better about my perceived lack caused by not being a mother.

Having experienced both being a mother and many years not being a mother, I can say that motherhood may be a more direct path to realizing unconditional love. I was always searching for unconditional love and thought I’d experienced it a few times but now it’s evident that I didn’t have to search for it, it was given to me.  Whether you are a mother or not, unconditional love is a gift.  You don’t need to search for it because it’s magically there at any time…..waiting to be accepted as a gift.


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3 responses to “Nobody’s Mother

  1. So true. I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable with celebrations of life that are, by nature, exclusionary. Mother’s Day would be a good example. Being a good and loving mother is laudable – but so is being a good person who chose not to have children. Yes, celebrate the gift of unconditional love, which does not have to be attached to a person’s “role” in life.

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    Good read…the last sums it up perfectly….
    I love being a mother to my two,
    though I am having lots more fun being a Grandma….
    Take Care…and a Belated Happy Mother’s Day…

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