Thoughts are also That

I recently commented to a couple bloggers on the subject of thoughts which made me realize how my own understanding of thoughts has changed over the years.  I commented that thoughts are also “That” and when I begin to analyze them or try to control them…I am creating a separation.

The study of thoughts has always been of interest and a large part of my seeking to include analyzing them which is never ending and controlling them which is frustrating.  I thought I had it when I discovered that I could  be the “witness” observing my thoughts…there it was…I was not my thoughts and didn’t have to take responsibility for them, just watch them go by like clouds in the sky.

Now I am realizing that the notion of “I am not my thoughts” is also separation. I have to admit that seeing the clarity of “thoughts are also That” doesn’t give me a sense of freedom yet but is still a work in progress.  However, there is a sense of relief that comes from not always analyzing where thoughts come from and wondering why they can be so annoying….. but that they are just as much a part of me as my breath or my heartbeat.

I’ll probably always be interested in thoughts and will continue to watch and get involved with them but now they are considered to be who I am and I’m not struggling so much with them.  Now maybe I can see life through my thoughts rather than perceive life as my thoughts.


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8 responses to “Thoughts are also That

  1. Interesting point. analysing thoughts and then noticing you’re creating a separation by doing so; it does mean, though, that you’re also aware of that – so it’s included in everything (no separation?) and something to do with being both…

  2. Good point, hadn’t thought of it that way…I’ll have to analyze that too…Ha! Thanks for the comment, I so appreciate your views….

  3. I also recently experienced this and now use the same process as you my friend. It’s very interesting to be there in the ‘Now’ looking at your thought/s from an onlookers point of view, then deciding if in fact that thought/s is worth using, considering or just casting aside 🙂 Just having this ability to look at or question your thoughts is kind of cool.
    Namaste my friend

  4. Maybe you can ask yourself the question: what’s wrong with thoughts? As you were pointing out, trying to do something (e.g. managing) or trying to not do something about thoughts (e.g. observing) gives them a separate identity from you. So, there is nothing you can do to avoid that.
    There is a solution, though. The solution is realizing that there is no solution. So, if you want to not be bothered by thoughts, that is, if you want to transcend them, don’t mind them! You’ll see that your mind will become very quiet because most mental noise is judgmental thoughts about thoughts about thoughts, etc.
    Trust the perfection of the universe which certainly has not created thoughts to torture or challenge us. Look around: has the universe ever made a mistake?

    • Thanks so much for the comment…especially your words “to trust the perfection of the universe which has not created thoughts to torture or challenge us” makes it clearer for me. Another “Echo” quote to add to my list!

  5. I like your writing!
    There seems to be a time to see that we are not our thoughts and there seems to be a time that thoughts are also this. I had exactly the same insight some time ago, and still at some moments the first perspective comes up and brings relief and at other times it is the second perspective that breaks me open again or yet another perspective :-). I love to take life flexible like that

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