Stop Seeking..Really?

I don’t know that it’s possible for a lifelong seeker to retire from seeking.  I continue to read something inspiring (to me) almost daily.  It’s almost like an addiction.  At least I have narrowed down the Search nowadays.  I’ve narrowed it down to nonduality writers, who are the ones who talk about ending the seeking but then write the books so you can continue the Search.

So I have come to realize that the Search may not continue in the same way for me.  I no longer have a conceptualized path that I am continually trying to  work my way “up” by accumulating knowledge from every sage (ancient and current) who claim to know the way.  Instead, the Search has taken a different form.

There may be no path, no particular sage and no hidden knowledge to search for and that is the end of the traditional Search that is referred to in the nondual writings.  However, another Search has started now (if it can be called a Search) and that is the understanding of direct experience. That would be to stop seeking through second-hand experiences and begin to look for my own direct experience.  At this point, though, my direct experience doesn’t seem at all as interesting or as magical as the people who write about their awakening experiences.


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8 responses to “Stop Seeking..Really?

  1. Using only a brief one minute direct experience investigation can you give a short description of what you are?

  2. To Know Beauty

    I feel I might be in the same boat – did my search just come to an end with the discovery of nonduality or am I just beginning a new one?

  3. caimbeul

    Perfect. “If our toes are pointed in the right direction all we have to do is keep walking.” – Buddha.
    Your toes are pointed in the right direction my friend.

  4. My definition of seeking is when you do something to get something (which is an expression of non-acceptance of what is). So, you could read spiritual literature in order to become enlightened (=seeking) or simply because you enjoy it, because you are in love with it (=not seeking).

    • I have followed your blog and twitter for some time. I enjoy it and love your expression of the Absolute which actually inspired me to start my own little blog. I’m stoked that you read and left a comment!! Your definition of seeking versus not seeking is great….thanks so much!!

  5. Slowly giving all my once cherished books away, … putting knowledge in a diffferent perspective. That search for knowledge seems to be over. The mental ‘search’ seen as too limited to ever know. Looking for Silence, Awe and Beauty is the only thing related to search that seems to be left.

    • So hard for me to get rid of books. I cherish them because of all the a-has they held for me and I guess I’m fearful that I’ll forget again. “Silence Awe and Beauty” not hidden in the books… true.

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